2018 Rolls Royce Phantom VIII

The name itself is enough for this beast. This car haunts the roads like no other. For those who have never seen the Phantom, let me present to you the 2018 Phantom VIII.

2018 Rolls Royce Phantom, Phantom VIII | Side Profile

Phantom VIII | Image Courtesy : Autoblog

It is a Yacht on Land, with it Magic Carpet Ride and sound insulated to a level where the loudest thing you hear is your heartbeat.


The First Phantom was introduced to the world in 1925. It was available to only the royal families,later in the 20th century they began selling it to the one who could afford to buy one.

The company does not introduce a new car so often,so every time a Rolls Royce is introduced, there is a lot of big fuzz going on. The Rolls Royce Phantom VIII is the company’s new car.

This car is the only car in the world whose name is carried on since almost a century now. It is the longest-lived name in the Automotive history.

Though it looks similar to its predecessor, the 2018 Phantom is entirely a new design. It sports the new aluminium space-frame platform, which the company will use in its new upcoming models like the Cullinan SUV.

The suspension is now made up of mostly aluminum, where air springs  are controlled electrically like in New Audi A8, active anti-roll bars, and adaptive dampers which together give us the Magic Carpet Ride.  They now make use of cameras which scan the road for bumps and adjust the suspension accordingly.


The car has got new flowing lines which continue from the front to the back. Front Face of the car is almost new,the grille larger than before, The all laser beam headlights are designed with help of BMW which is its parent company.

The doors are the same but with a new self closing feature, which allows the doors to be closed automatically from outside by a gesture on the sensor placed on the door handle.

2018 Rolls Royce Phantom, Phantom VIII

Sloping Rear End (New Design) cc:-AutoBlog

The C Pillar looks as if it has been lowered to join it to the sailing back rear end. The length of the car has been reduced by 2.8 inches for the standard variant, however the long wheelbase version is expected to be the same as its predecessor.

The car will come with standard 21 inch wheels with on demand 22 inch wheels. As always the umbrellas still sit in the doors with grace. And all the luxury that the car used to give are now given in a much better way.


2018 Rolls Royce Phantom, Phantom VIII

Interiors at a glimpse | cc:-CoolHunting


2018 Rolls Royce Phantom, Phantom VIII

The Gallery | cc:-BMWBlog


2018 Rolls Royce Phantom, Phantom VIII

The Gallery | BMWBlog

Rolls Royce has introduced a new design in the interiors which no other car company would have even thought to do. This new design is called “The Gallery”.

The gallery can be custom built with work done by the best craft workers in the world. It sits on the dashboard of the car and is guarded by glass. It is a 3 dimensional design with predefined designs like the Cascade Steel, Regatta Sails & the Lake-shore Aurora. The interiors also feature some new designs which compete to this new world.

Wish to see this??Like always, I’ve got the best video available on the internet for you!!!


With all this we’d expect that some of you would commission yours in the future because cars like these are very rare and do leave a good impression of you to the world.

Expected price of it is $435,925 for the standard wheelbase version. Luxury cars like Bentley Mulsanne, the Maybach S600 and many more still try to overtake this car but can’t keep up with it. Thus long live the Phantom.