Ever wondered how will you ever be able to keep your car cool in those sunny days? Here are some really quick and easy tips to save yourself from the heat! Let’s gets started.

Keep those Windows Open by a Bit*

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Credits : Carwale.com

Keeping your windows open with a small gap helps the hot air escape easily, as we all know the density of hot air is less and hence out it goes with ease. Also by keeping your windows slightly down, you let there be an exchange of heat, thus environment automatically tries to attain the difference of temperatures.

*Provided the car is in safe environment and chances of it being robbed are less. Also it not advisable to keep expensive items in the car.

Park it in the Opposite Direction to the Sun

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See the sunlight hitting your dashboard? It’s time to park it in the opposite direction. By parking your car with the back facing the sunlight, you help the dashboard plastic, steering wheel and the front seats remain away from the heat, thus next time you enter your vehicle you won’t be shocked by the heat.

Also scientifically the front windshield has more room for the sunlight to enter the car and build up heat, whereas at the rear the windows are small and they are placed at almost 75° thus leaving very less room for the sunlight to enter the car. You see surface area matters a lot everywhere!

Cover It Up

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If in case you don’t use your vehicle that much, try covering it with the car covers available on e-commerce websites or your local car accessories shop or dealership, it helps a lot as they reflect heat due to their characteristics and try buying a silver-coloured cover as it reflects a lot of heat.


How to save yourself from heat burn, cool down your car

Credits: carwale.com

Also if you use your car daily for office commute and cannot cover it, try the above tips and added to that cover the steering wheel and windows using damp towels or normal towels. Believe me, they help a lot!

Open up the Window & Let the Air Flow begin

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When you enter your car after a long tiring sunny day and you find your car is all heated up, just open all the windows and put the blower on max setting with outside air flow on and leave the car in that position for 3 minutes, you’ll realize it cools the interiors pretty fast than normal!

The accessories industry also has many products like window & windshield curtains, solar coolers and much more! And the most efficient way is to park them under the shade! Which is difficult but the best.

Try these and comment the results down below!

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