Google collaborates with Citrix to deliver cloud-based desktop apps and it is not a start for Google and Citrix. Google and Citrix, both have been working hands-in-hands since 2011 deliver business applications.In 2014 they worked on Google’s Chromebook project in order to leverage the enterprise cloud computing capabilities of the device and services.

Google collaborates with Citrix


Gone are those days when you had to transfer your data or application to another device to use. Now we are able to use applications on any device and at any location. All thanks to cloud computing which is helping our to manage our data virtually.

Google partnered with Citrix to host cloud based application environment. This collaboration will provide the solutions to enterprises. In which they are facing challenges to move to the cloud in the fast and secure way.

Google : Customers often tell us they want to be able to use their current desktop applications from any device and any place just as easily and securely as they can use G Suite.

In this collaboration, Google will provide its highly scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform. Where as Citrix will be responsible for application management, backup and redundancy from XenApp. In addition, they will bring their desktop virtualization suite and application delivery with Netscaler.

Recently, Google Cloud platform ranked #1 in benchmarking in terms of price-performance, block storage performance against Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure and IBM’s SoftLayer. So it is a win-win situation for Citrix too.

With the help of Chromebook and Android devices from Google and XenApp, users will be able to get highly secure and user-friendly experience while using applications anywhere and anytime.

Further, Google states that “This partnership is not new to us. We have been working together for years. Today we are expanding our relationship to the new level.”

According to Google below major things will take place.

  • Citrix cloud will join Google cloud platform which will simplify the path for customers to more secure transition to the cloud.
  • Bringing the application load balancing expertise of Netscaler to the world of data containers via Netscaler CPX on GCP.
  • Integrating Sharefile with G Suite to use Gmail and edit and store Google Docs natively.
  • Innovative solutions for a new approach to end user computing.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you do. It can be product oriented or service oriented. But one thing is common, which is the delivery of your service or virtual product should be optimised.

In order to provide seamless digital experience to your customer or partners, cloud computing making its way to your door. Cloud computing helping businesses, people to scale their digital reach to end users, It doesn’t matter where do you live in any part of the world.