“Yes, I got it!!”

People are usually confused while buying a car, thus here at Techbilla, I’ll help you with my views on the basics. There are pretty different segments in a car namely Hatchback, Sedan, Coupe, Convertibles, SUV, MUV & Crossovers. Let’s begin with the basics then

Car or Caaaaaarrrrrr????????



Ford Fiesta the Hatchback                                                                                                                                                      Credits: Ooyala

Usually, for everyday needs people buy hatchbacks, because they are practical to use, can be parked easily, low on maintenance, easy to drive and so on.

Thus if you want to use your car in city limits, the hatchback is the perfect fit for you, it is very easy on the pocket as well. They are powerful enough to be used as a daily driver.

Some companies also manufacture super hatchbacks with immense power for those who want power but a hatchback also known as Sports hatchback.



Honda Accord the Premium Sedan                                                                                                                                     Credits : MotorTrend

Sedans or the long cars are usually for the rich guys, but nowadays the trend has changed as sedans are very attractive and the price of these sedans is now affordable to almost all. They are long and thus need more space and attention while being driven on the roads.

Parking them is hectic sometimes, and moving them through tight spaces is messy. They are powered equally like hatchbacks or sometimes even more than them. Legroom is plenty but ground clearance is low thus you’ll probably scrape the belly on every speed breaker. Sedans are the most luxurious cars on road as compared to the rest.



Chevrolet Tahoe The Mighty SUV                                                                                                                                       Credits: Chevrolet USA

SUV the abbreviation to Sports Utility Vehicles, these vehicles are high off the ground and can wander almost anywhere the driver wants them too. They were built to be driven off road, but today they have become a daily driver in the city & motorways because of the comfort they offer.

Ground clearance and power is the main leading factor here. Since they return very few miles per litre they are a bit heavy on pockets.

Nowadays crossovers are on the go, these crossovers are a mix of hatchback and SUV- the design of a hatchback but features of an SUV. The ground clearance on these things is pretty good, better than the hatchback but less than the SUV. They are preferred these days.

I hope this helped you!