Hello friends Today I am going to show you step by step method to unlock Bootloader of Realme 2 Pro. After unlocking the Bootloader you can Install TWRP Recovery on your Phone and also root it.

how to unlock bootloader of realme 2 pro

Pre-requirements before you unlock the Bootloader of Realme 2 Pro:-

  1. Make sure you have taken complete backup of your data on your PC. Because it will wipe your internal storage and reset the phone to default settings.
  2. Your Realme 2 Pro charged at least 40% before going to hitting fastboot command to unlock Bootloader.
  3. Latest Adb & Fastboot files and drivers on your PC. Windows | Linux | Mac
  4. Make sure you have installed Realme 2 Pro Drivers properly.
  5. Your phone is updated to RMX18001EX_11_A.13 at least.

Note:- Since Realme doesn’t ship Color OS updates with fastboot binary in its Phones. So simply you cannot boot your Realme 2 Pro into fastboot mode.

In order to do so they have released a method to get fastboot binary in Realme 2 Pro so that you can unlock the bootloader of Realme 2 Pro.

But you do not have to worry because we have added those easy going steps for you.

Step by step guide to update Realme 2 Pro for fastboot binary:-

  1. First fill this Google Form Click Here.
  2. Install this In-depth Deep Test APK on your Realme 2 Pro.
  3. Now you will get OTA update with version RMX18001EX_11_A.14 on your phone within 7 days of apply.
    ( I got the update with 24hrs only)
  4. Flash the OTA and reboot your phone.
  5. Turn ON the Mobile data or Wifi in your Realme 2 Pro.
  6. Now Open that In-Depth deep test app and Tap on Start applying as shown in below image.
  7. Please read the disclaimer in detail, select the checkbox, and submit your application.How to Unlock Bootloader of Realme 2 Pro
  8. Now wait for at least 10 minute to check your request by server.
  9. If still you did not see “Review Successful” on your screen then tap on back arrow left to the status query on top. (Max wait time 1hr.)
  10. After coming to the back window tap on status query top right and you will see the “Review Successful” Text. As shown below.

    How to Unlock Bootloader of Realme 2 Pro

Step by Step guide to Unlock Bootloader of Realme 2 Pro:-

  1. Go to Settings > About Phone > Tab 7 times on “version” to enable Developer Options in your Realme 2 Pro.
  2. Now go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options and enable OEM- Unlocking and USB Debugging Mode.
  3. Open In-depth Test tool App and tap on “Start the in-depth test”. Now press and hold the Power Button to boot into Bootloader.Realme 2 Pro fastboot mode.
  4. If device do not boot into bootloader but reboot itself then do not worry just connect your phone and open command window.
  5. Now enter this command “adb devices” and hit enter.
  6. Once you see the device id below adb devices then past this command and hit enter to boot Realme 2 Pro into bootloader mode.
    adb reboot bootloader
  7. Once your Realme 2 Pro boot in to Bootloader Mode (Fastboot Mode) enter this command and hit enter.
    fastboot devicesfastboot flashing unlockRealme 2 Pro fastboot mode.
  8. Now using Volume buttons to select “Unlock the Bootloader” and Press Power Button to Confirm.Realme 2 Pro
  9. After reboot if you want to confirm if bootloader of Realme 2 Pro has been unlocked then boot into fastboot mode and enter below command and hit enter.
    fastboot oem device-info

What is NEXT ?
Head over to this step by step rooting guide for Realme 2 Pro and also install custom recovery.

If you face any error or you have question then comment below I will be happy to help you. 🙂