Looking at reduces support for windows 10 mobile over the past year combining the plummeting sales of windows phones. It seems that Microsoft’s last big push into mobiles space will remain till its 12 last updates for windows phone os 8.1.

Now they have stopped almost completely (at least for windows 8.1 users ) and market dived under 1% worldwide over the last couple of years

Windows phone, Microsoft

image courtesy : Windows

Microsoft didn’t seem interested in continuing it smart phone business having sold its mobile division. Well it appears that Microsoft still flirts with the idea of being a major player in the smart phone industry.

According to multiple Microsoft insiders, the company hasn’t completely lost its interest in windows mobile and hardware that could run the operating system.

New Mobile from Microsoft:

As a matter of fact, it appears that they are currently testing a new smart phone. It is running a separate branch of Windows mobile OS. The user interface of the new OS is completely different than anything we have seen until now.

The new application market will not support current windows phone. They will remove support for silver-light application in the updated version of windows mobile in favor of the new mobile experiences.

Also, new version of smart phone and desktop version might get cancel anytime if the result is not encouraging. 

What Microsoft needs to do in order to save the windows mobile platform, what do you think?

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