Tesla Model 3, the all-electric car is almost ready and will probably hit the streets on 28th of this month showing all that the future can be. But let us get a bit knowledge about the recently rumored to be launched Tesla Model 3. 

Having a range of 215 miles or 346 kilometers on a full charge, it can do 0-100 km/h in under 6 seconds.Plus it has passed the collision test with 5/5,which means it is ultra safe.These figures were given to the world by Tesla, and we know that it will do better than the stats.

Tesla Model 3

Image Courtesy : electrek


The design of Tesla Model 3, as we all know is very futuristic. It looks like it comes from another planet. It will be able to seat 5 adults comfortably as seen in some of the leaked videos of the car. There are many such leaks available but we will learn about the car only when it will be launched.


Talking about the interiors, Tesla Model 3 is expected to have a 15-inch horizontal display. It is built in such a way that it stays in the peripheral vision of the driver.

There is no driver display in the car instead it is expected to have a heads up display for the route and speed information. The roof will sport 3 options which we will get to know sooner this month.


Tesla model 3

Image courtesy : motor authority

Expected Price

Expected price of the base variant is $35000 and this price will increase depending on the variant the customer will choose.

The Auto Pilot mode is expected to be optional which will lead to the increase in the price of the car. It has a Level 3 autopilot system and we expect a new version of it soon.

There will be performance models for Tesla Model 3 with various options. Like in the Model S and the Model X. Even though it will have various performance models we know that there is instant torque available for these vehicles.

It is definitely a choice that everyone should make as it is important to save the planet first and save our expenses that we do on our car too.

Tesla cars are known to be maintenance free and the warranty on these cars is for 8 years! Still worrying about the charging?

Tesla supercharger will charge it 80% in just 20 mins, which I believe that anyone on this planet can afford after driving for 300 kilometers at a stretch. People do take halts for restrooms and food on such a journey.

For the India launch, it is expected to hit the Indian roads in 2018, at an expected price of Rs 35 lakh.

The Model 3 in terms of interiors, will have all the latest bells and whistles for Indian customers.

It will reach India as a CBU (Completely Built Unit) with taxes of total 43% (28% GST & 15% max. cess) thus giving a tough competition to the rivals in this price range.


Like every car on this planet has pros and cons this car has them too, pros are many but cons are few.

Being a complete electric car, there might be some software issue as well as some hacker might try to fidget with the system.

The boot entry is very small because of the panoramic sunroof thus making access to the boot a bit difficult. Plus $35000  is a huge amount not affordable to the common man thus making it difficult to buy. There are no superchargers in most of the part of the world at all thus breaks for charging the car will take a long time.

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