Audi has always surprised the world with their new technologies in the automotive industry. This time they have surprised us with the all new Audi A8. This new A8 has the features which very few luxury cars on this planet have. The entire car has been redesigned, it is now longer by 35mm than the previous generation A8 and has a never ending list of features.

Audi A8

The All New Audi A8                                                                                                                                                                   Credits : The Drive

Some of the key features in this new Audi A8 are:

  • Button Free Center Console
  • Virtual Cockpit
  • All Wheel Steering
  • Automatic Air Vents
  • Foot Massager
  • Level 3 Autonomous Driving
  • Haptic Feedback on Touch
  • Aroma Dispenser

Exteriors & Driving Dynamics

This new A8 features new design language which makes it look similar to its siblings. The car body is muscular with wide and aggressive front face and cool and calm back. The daytime running lights now feature a new design which I personally find very attractive.

The headlights have Matrix Led which at night illuminate the roads as if it is a day. It will drive itself on public roads and motorways with ease with its new Level 3 Autonomous Driving.


Audi A8

Rear End                                                                                                                                                                                        Credits : The Drive

Parking is a mess with such a car, but worry not because this car can be operated remotely via your mobile phone, just like we operate RC cars, pretty simple isn’t it!

It will feature adaptive ride which will let the car float on the road. It will scan the road ahead of itself and adjust the ride accordingly.

Speaking of power the new A8 will initially be launched with diesel engines followed by petrol engines V6 being dominant while V8 & W12 will be launched later as per the demands.

I did watch a lot of videos on YouTube out of which these are the best ones and will give you all the information you need to find out about this new beast.


As we all know Mercedes’s S Class is known to be the most luxurious yet affordable sedan since it has one of the best technologies and has an appealing look on the exterior and the interior, but this new A8 sedan is capable enough to break the trend. It has the technology that Mercedes doesn’t!. Check out below what is that.

The new A8 has an optional relaxation pack in which the rear seat passenger can recline his seat with massage on not only the upper body but the lower body as well, the foot rest in this car is a massager as well, this feature is only provided in Audi A8L.


Credits AutoExpress UK, Audi A8

Button Free Interiors with 3 Split Screens                                                                                                              Credits AutoExpress UK

The center console is now button free thus you get 3 screens for controlling the car, one for the infotainment, second for the climate control and the third one is the virtual cockpit in front of the driver.

Rear passengers have their own individual displays with an additional central controller which can also act as your phone while your phone is being charged on the wireless charger.


credits : AutoExpress UK

Rear Seat Entertainment with foot massager        Credit:AutoExpress


With all the new technologies and design it looks amazing to the world but would they really buy is the main question, this question arises as Audi is known to be a driver focused car and even though the design is new it is still not attractive like the Mercedes S Class. Will it be a value for money? because the base variant starts at 90600 Euros!