Years ago Tata gifted us with the best SUV in the market. There was no one in this industry to compete with the Safari back in those days. Later, many other brands overtook Tata with their premium as well as affordable SUV’s. But this time again Tata is here with it’s much awaited the Tata Nexon- Sub 4 meter SUV which we believe will be the game changer for Tata once again.

Tata Nexon, Picture Credits : Autocar India

TATA Nexon | Credits Autocar India

Nexon is the latest toy by Tata which is much more premium then all its existing vehicles.

New touches by Tata includes

  • Layered 3 tone dashboard.
  • Floating Roof-line with Abrasion Resisting Plastic.
  • Floating Dash-top Touchscreen.
  • Extra 6th gear for effortless cruising at higher speeds.
  • Multi Drive Modes.
  • 8 Speaker System by Harman.
  • Feline-Eye Shaped Daytime Running Lights.
  • Key-less Entry (Via Smart Watch or Smart Key).
  • Start/Stop Button.
Tata Nexon Interiors , Picture Credits : Autocar India

Classy 3 Tone Interiors                                                                                                                                                                 Credits Autocar India

Nexon is a huge step forward by Tata considering its previous vehicles. Nexon has been designed in a much better way than even its rivals like the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza , Ford Ecosport, Renault Duster or Nissan Terrano.

Hard to believe but True.

Tata has always been disliked for its Quality and Design of its products,but this time it has come up with one of its best design which won hearts at the Auto Expo.

Nexon gets an appealing design in the front with headlights sitting high up and the fog lamps surrounded by the abrasion proof dual tone plastics which also surround the sides on the roof-lines. T

he car sports a very nice coupe like roof-line which gives it a distinct look. The back of the car is pretty good with split tail lights and again the 3 tone layered plastics in an X like structure.

Tata Nexon , Auto Car India Nexon

Rear Styling with X formation  |  Credits Autocar India

This car gets two engine options

  • 1.5L Diesel Revotorq
  • 1.2L Petrol Revotron
Tata Nexon

Credits Autocar India

Tata Nexon

Credits Autocar India

The engines are much refined and  noise levels are less than its competitors. Both these engines are mated to a 6 speed transmission. This extra gear gives it a plus point as it allows the car to effortlessly cruise around with low RPM’s at higher speeds.

An AMT transmission variant will be added later this year. Power available is enough to drive it on roads like ours. And with 3 driving modes namely – City, Eco & Sport it pretty easy to decide how we want to move it.

Sport mode offering the most torque, City mode offering normal everyday easy torque and the Eco mode for the least torque to save fuel. Eco mode is the best when you feel it’s time to go easy on pockets.

Interiors with the floating center dash-top 6.5′ touch infotainment and the 3 layered dashboard look so elegant that one would fall in love with it. The quality of the plastics has been improved to a level where now we should stop complaining. The glove box is cooled and can hold many items.

Center storage compartments have been designed in a way where in they can be used as cup holders when needed.

You can enter the car via key less entry by key-fob and also via the smart watch which only this car offers in this segment. Start/Stop button is present so that no more we forget those keys hanging.

Seats are comfortable at the front and the back. Ride Quality has been improved with a stiffer chassis. Fuel Economy is very eye catchy, What else does one want to just be the perfect guy with a perfect car? Prices for this car are expected to be somewhere around 6.5 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs.

I’ll end my post with a video for letting you know more about Nexon