In this easy step by step guide I will tell you how to root Realme 2 Pro and also install TWRP recovery on Realme 2 Pro. Believe me it is very easy to do and no rocket science in it. So let’s get start it.

If you are new to these terms i.e. Root, Bootloader, TWRP, and all then before getting start let me tell these in simple terms.


Root or rooting is a method in which you perform certain tasks to done it. After that you can take control of your Realme 2 Pro in order to customize as per your wish. There are many benefits after rooting your Realme 2 Pro. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • You can install Dolby Atmos Sound system in your Realme 2 Pro to get better audio experience.
  • If you are seeing so many ads in your Realme 2 Pro be it in apps or while browsing internet, after rooting you can disable them.
  • If you do not like Color OS then you can even install Custom ROMs/UIs like MIUI, Oxygen OS, Samsung’s One UI etc.
  • You can change font in your Realme 2 Pro or you can increase the Performance as well as Battery life with certain tweaks.


Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is an opsen source custom recovery project for Android based devices. With the help of this recovery image you can perform various tasks like installing sound system zip, installing custom ROMs etc.


It is a program that loads an operating system when a device is turned on. This is the mode by which you can flash TWRP recovery or flash your Stock ROM i.e. Color OS in case your Realme 2 Pro is not booting or its dead.

So if you want to Root your Realme 2 Pro and install TWRP on it then Bootloader of your Realme 2 Pro must be unlocked.

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Pre-requirments of rooting Realme 2 Pro:-

  1. You have unlocked the bootloader of your Realme 2 Pro already.
  2. Your Realme 2 Pro battery is charged at least 40%.
  3. Realme 2 Pro USB Drivers are installed in your PC.
  4. You have downloaded Adb & Fastboot files on your PC.  Windows | Linux | Mac . 
  5. Download unlock app for TWRPPBRP Recovery (Modded TWRP) and Patched Boot Image.Patched Boot Image.
  6. Make sure usb debugging is enabled and Auto Update is disabled (so that it will not retain stock recovery after you flash custom recovery and reboot) from developer option.
  7. Download Magisk Zip and Magisk Manager Apk / SuperSu Zip to grant root access to Apps.

How to Root Realme 2 Pro and install TWRP Recovery:-

Install TWRP on Realme 2 Pro:-

  1. Copy and paste TWRP/PBRP recovery and Patched Boot Image files to your Adb & Fastboot folder on your PC.
  2. Start Command window and Connect your Realme 2 Pro to PC via USB cable.
  3. Enter this code in command window and hit Enter.
    adb devices
  4. Now enter this code to boot device in fastboot mode.
    adb reboot bootloader
  5. Now type this and hit Enter.
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img


  6. If you want to flash pbrp image then use this command instead of above.
    fastboot flash recovery pbrp.img
  7. Now in order to boot Realme 2 Pro into Custom Recovery (TWRP/pbrp) enter this command.
    fastboot reboot recovery


  8. After using twrp/pbrp recovery if you are not happy and want to flash stock recovery again then flash this command. ClickHere to download stock recovery. (Extract zip and paste file in adb & fastboot folder).
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Root Realme 2 Pro with Magisk / SuperSU:-

  1. After flashing Custom recovery (twrp / pbrp) boot your Realme 2 Pro into recovery mode.
  2. Tap on install and locate Magisk Zip or SuperSup zip and flash it by sliding left to right.
  3. Tab on Reboot > system reboot.

Note:- If you just want to root your Realme 2 Pro but do not want to install custom recovery then you can use below guide.

Root Realme 2 Pro without Custom Recovery:

  1. Connect your phone to PC and open command window from adb & fastboot folder.
  2. Type this command and hit enter in order to boot Realme 2 Pro into fastboot mode (bootloader).
    adb reboot bootloader
  3. Once your phone boots into fastboot mode paste this code line and hit enter.
    fastboot flash boot boot+magisk+patched.img && fastboot reboot
  4. Now after reboot you can install Root Checker app from play store and verify root status of your Realme 2 Pro.

Note:- Since recoveries are in alpha stage so you might face decryption error while flashing Treble GSI. So instead of flashing via twrp/pbrp flash it via fastboot mode with the help of below command.

Don’t forget to take Backup of system via recovery.

fastboot erase system

fastboot flash system.img

fastboot -w

fastboot reboot


I hope you have read above guides carefully and followed every step. In case still you get doubt or error then please let me know by comment below so that I can assist you further. 🙂

Credits: –XDA Developer anabhi for Patched Boot image and Custom Recoveries.