How Are Safe You?

We commute daily, sometimes with our family sometimes alone. Our travelling is confined to city, long trips on highways or curvy roads on the countryside. We make sure we drive safely but there is always some percent of risk involved in the safety of our ride. This percentage of risk can be reduced by ensuring whether your vehicle has safety features or not.There are many features for safety but they come at a price.

Let us discuss some of them which are common these days and will be standard in our vehicles pretty soon.

Important Features List

  1. Airbags
  2. ABS
  3. EBD


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SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) Airbags are basically fabric bag cushions which inflate quickly during an accident. It inflates using the inflation module when the impact sensor senses an incident.

The airbag inflates using compressed air. It proves to be very useful in an accident as the air cushion saves the person by avoiding contact with the car.

ABS: Anti-Lock Braking System

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Anti-Lock Braking System is another great feature which prevents the brakes from locking themselves and the tires from uncontrolled skidding. In case a person hard brakes, the brakes don’t lock and tires keeps a tractive contact with the road surface thus improving braking and stopping distance.


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Electronic Brakeforce Distribution is usually coupled with ABS, it helps by distributing the brake power equally on each wheel. Improved control is obtained by braking only on the wheel where brakes are needed to be applied.

Along with this pre-tensioner in belts work great as during an accident it pulls one back, thus helping by avoiding contact with the car where ever possible.

These are the basic features that are to be kept in mind while buying a car. Even with these features a driver must always be alert and keep his eyes on the road to avoid accidents. Or buy a car like Tesla to drive you home safely.

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