If you want to showcase your photos or graphic content like Messages and Infographics anywhere to the public, VISIO is here for you. Because nothing looks better than projecting them at large scale onto a wall or building.

Paris-based startup WeAreProjectors, has come up with this modular projector for still images in order to project them for the huge impression.


VISIO is a mobile Photo Projecting device which works with your camera lens to give your audiences a wowshao.
( Wowshao: /waʊ-shāo/ -expression of jaw-dropping feeling, we introduced this word 😛 ).

As they say:

The history of projection is filled with innovations for transporting images through light – from magic lanterns, cinematographs, and slide projectors to modern 4k projectors.

And yet, projection still has limits, such as high cost, material fragility, high energy consumption, and bulky size. Plus, digital image quality is significantly lower compare to analogue.

And regardless of all the technological progress, the projection is still geared towards watching videos indoors, ignoring the imaginative possibilities of outdoor projection.

We created VISIO to overcome all these limits, and to bring still projection out of the shadow of animated projection

VISIO has two major components as the 35mm lens and the projector light. In between these two things, you will find an array of different parts like mounts, rings, and the slide holder ring. The combination of all to creates one complete PhotoProjector. Check below Gif .


VISIO creators jumped on Kickstarter to raise the fund last month. At the moment they have surpassed their goal of €15,000. They have raised €26,508 as of now before the deadline, 20th July.

“We aim to convey the pleasure of photo-projection to picture lovers. This practice consists in combining a projected picture onto a support. It allows the expression of an idea, a message, a representation” says the founder of the startup, WeAreProjector.

DIY and Open Source

VISIO is designed as a module of different parts which can be assembled (The design plan is available under the Creative Commons license). All the parts already exist except for the slide holder ring.

While these items are standard, they can have different designs that create problems to fit together. That’s why we want to provide a perfectly compatible set of items selected and checked. Slide holder ring plays a major role here.

VISIO: Slide holder ring

All the items are available in stores except for the slide holder ring that has to be customized. So here they are seeking your help and support to produce this ring.

“This slide holder ring is the main reason of going for crowd fundraising project campaign, We need your help and support to produce this ring”, Clément Briend, founder of weareprojectors.com



VISIO into action

VISIO photoprojector

VISIO photoprojector

VISIO photoprojector

VISIO photoprojector

VISIO photoprojector


Here is the video, introducing VISIO.


For more information about the VISIO mobile Photo-Projector jump over to Kickstarter site via the link below.

Source:- Kickstarter.